Shipping & Returns

Account number for payments: 55 1020 3958 0000 9402 0223 7295

Please include your username (nick), delivery address, size, colour, and form of chosen product.


Purchasing a product: after choosing the option “Buy Now”, you become a customer of DEVU. Details for making a payment are included in the message which is automatically sent to you after making a purchase. If you choose the COD (Cash On Delivery) option, it is crucial to contact us about this fact via both email and text message. In your message, there should be included such information as: your username (nick) at DEVU, colour, measurements, name of the product, shipping details (address), and your declaration of accepting the shipping method (COD).


Shipping: If you choose the COD (Cash On Delivery) option, the product will be sent to you within 3 working days. If you choose the bank transfer option, the product is sent immediately after receiving the payment.


Products purchased on my auctions are sent via POLISH POST. If the package doesn’t arrive within 7 working days after sending it to you, please call and inform us about it. If the package is lost by the post, a new product will be sent to you immediately – all complaints about lost packages will be handled by DEVU at the post. Please remember that, according to the Terms and Conditions, we have 14 working days to send the ordered product to you. There also exists the option of sending the ordered product via a Courier service – if you wish us to do so, please call us.


All shipping costs are beared by the customer. For a priority shipping, the cost rises by 2 ZL. If you wish to receive the ordered product in a box, you must pay an extra fee of 5 ZL, and inform me about this fact either by adding this information in the bank transfer description, or via a text message (remember to include your username (nick) at Allegro).


Returns/Complaints: The customer is not entitled to a refund and cannot return the ordered product! All garments are consistent with their descriptions, and the photographs are authentic and represent the actual clothes. All products presented on my auctions are new and unused, which is a guarantee of no defects or damages. If the chosen piece of garment turns out to be too big/too small/unsatisfactory in terms of design, the customer is entitled to demand alterations. The customer has also the right to exchange the bought product for a different one currently available in the storeroom. Please remember, once you receive our product, there is no possibility of returning it or demanding a refund. However, there is always the possibility of exchanging it for a different one.

To exchange a received product, please send it back at our address, packed in a large envelope. In the package, please include a piece of paper with the following information: the name of the product we bought, your username (Nick) at DEVU, the name of the product we wish to receive in return (auction number and description, size, colour, design) and your shipping details (address). Additionally, please include a return envelope and a filled out form from the post office. To ensure a fast and smooth process of exchanging products, please add a number of stamps worth 10zł in total, or 10zł in cash, needed for the stamps. It is also possible to make a bank transfer of the 10zł, but the process will take longer. After receiving your complaint (and wish of exchanging your product), we will send you a new product within 3 working days.


Please note that it is not possible to exchange dresses and tailor-made garments, as ordering a tailor-made product is a contract to perform a specified task. However, after making a small fee, our clients can request all kinds of alterations to the clothes they ordered.