Terms and Conditions

Online Shop – the website available under the address www.devu.com.pl, where a customer can place an order for the available merchandise;

Customer – an entity possessing full capacity to performs acts of law, and who, according to the Terms and Conditions, places an order in the Online shop, and to whose benefit the seller provides electronic services;

Terms and Conditions –hereby Terms and Conditions of the Online Shop;

Product – an item presented and described in the Online shop, which may be the subject of the Sales Agreement. The properties of each Product are available on its assigned sub-page of the Online Shop. An image of a Product, presented on the pages of the Online shop, is a visualizations of its real appearance, and it serves only an informational purpose;

Sales Agreement – an agreement of product sale, in accordance with the regulations of the Civil Code, Law of 23 April 1964. According to hereby Terms and Conditions, it is an agreement between the Seller and the Customer, made through the Online Shop’s sales system;

Order – a Customer’s declaration of intent made through the Online shop, leading directly into the implementation of the Sales Agreement, with all its regulations;

Pr.Kons.U – Consumer Protection Law from 30 May 2014 (Dz. U. z 2014 r. poz. 827);


§ 2.

Hereby Terms and Conditions regulate the Online Shop rules, particularly the rules of ordering products, modifying the order, payments, and other powers and obligations of both sides of the Sales Agreement.

We require every user to read the Terms and Conditions before using the Online Shop, as placing an Order is tantamount to accepting the Terms and Conditions.

According to the Civil Code, Law of 23 April 1964, the information presented in the Online Shop do not stand as a sales offer, but are an invitation to conclude a Sales Agreement.


§ 3.

In the Online Shop, the Customer places an order on sewing a product of his choice. Before placing an order in the Online Shop, it is compulsory to read the “How to buy?” section. Orders can be placed through Allegro (www.allegro.pl), and the DEVU Online Shop. (www.devu.com.pl)

Prices presented on our website are given on the gross price (VAT) and do not include shipping costs.

Making a purchase in the Online Shop must always be a deliberate decision, as every purchase deals with an individual product, sewn according to a specific order and custom measurements. According to art. 38 pkt 3 Pr.Kons.U, in the case of a purchase mentioned above, the Customer does not possess the right to withdraw from the Sales Agreement, once concluded.

An ordered product is made according to the custom measurements provided by the Customer. If the delivered product turns out not to fit the Customer or the person the clothing was ordered for (due to the Customer’s mistake when typing in the measurements, or incorrect way or measuring the body), the Customer is not entitled to make a complaint.


After placing an order in the Online Shop, the Customer receives an email message with the order number, and payment details necessary for making a bank transfer.

From this moment, the Customer has 24 hours to make a payment. Additionally, if 72 hours pass and we still won’t receive your payment, the order will be considered invalid, and will not be executed. 

Your payment should also include shipping costs: POLISH POST – 15zł / COURIER SERVICE – 25zł / SHIPPING ABROAD – 35zł. All payments must be done via bank transfer to the following account number: 55 1020 3958 0000 9402 0223 7295.

The Online Shop, according to the rules of art. 17 Pr.Kons.U, provides the Customer with clear and understandable information, which are presented in art. 12 ust. 1 pkt 1, 5, 16 i 17, before purchasing the product.


Standard order execution time is 14 work days (counted from the moment of receiving the Customer’s payment for the product). Order execution time does not include delivery time (the time between shipping the product and its delivery to the Customer)

It is possible to request modifications and alterations; however, such request must be discussed beforehand via phone, and confirmed via email at devu_suknie@devu.com.pl. Additionally, longer order lead time, and higher costs must be consulted and accepted by the Customer. Modifying an order is possible on the condition that the original(unmodified) order has not yet been executed.


The DEVU Online Shop ships its product via POLISH POST and InPOST COURIER SERVICE.
Each package is sent by the Online Shop with an acknowledgement of receipt. The Online Shop is no responsible for packages which are lost, or damaged, by the Polish Post or InPost Courier Service.

Each product is tailor-made according to the measurements provided by the Customer, and cannot be returned and refunded.

If the product’s measurements differ from the measurements provided by the Customer, the Customer is allowed to send it back to the Online Shop, where proper alterations will be made, after which the product will be sent back to the Customer.

The Customer's personal data are protected and are not shared with third parties.

The Customer agrees to processing his personal data in the course of the ordering process. Matters not regulated by hereby Terms and Conditions, are subject to the regulations of the Civil Code, and Law on Consumer Rights of 30 May 2014 (Dz. U. z 2014 r. poz. 827).


The Online Shop does not accept COD (Cash On Delivery) packages.

The Online Shop may change hereby Terms and Conditions for legal or technical reasons.

The Consumer will be informed about any changes in the Terms and Conditions through a statement displayed on the main page for 14 (fourteen) days before the changes come into effect.

Orders place before the introduction of changes in the Terms and Conditions will be executed according to regulations presented in the hitherto Terms and Conditions.

All products, their designs, their photographs, and descriptions – are the property of the Online Shop, and are protected under law with accordance to the regulations on copyright protection. Copying our designs, or using our photos and descriptions without the permission of the Online Shop is strictly prohibited.