Shopping step by step

Here, we will present you a few tips which might help you in making a purchase in our Online Shop. Read our offer carefully, and if you like any of the offered products, place your order – we will sew it for you.


1. If you know which product you want to order, click the “Order” button.

2. Next, choose the color of the dress.

3. Measure yourself and write down each of the measurements.

4. Remember to measure yourself with the measuring tape close to the body, with no free space between the measuring tape and your skin, and without adding any extra cm.

5. Choose the number of products you want to order and click the “Order” button.

6. You are now in the “Basket” section. If you are sure about your purchase, click “Order Execution”.

7. If you are making a purchase for the first time, you are obliged to fill out the order form.

8. Now, fill out the form with your contact details.

9. If your shipping address is different from your contact details, select the option “Other” and click the button “Next”.

10. Your order has been placed.

11. If you have purchased from us before, enter your email and password.

12. After placing your order, you will receive an email with the number of your order and the details needed to make the payment.

13. After receiving the email, you can pay for your order. The payment must be done via a bank transfer to the following account number: 55 1020 3958 0000 9402 0223 7295

14. If you wish to modify the design of the product you want to order, please contact us via phone or email first. Together, we will discuss if the modifications are possible, and agree on the details regarding additional costs, and order lead time.

15. Before placing an order, please read the Terms and Conditions.