About the company

DEVU is a company that has entered the market thanks to its passion and joy of creating new designs. We strive to make every woman’s individual dream come true. We design and manufacture gowns, dresses, and attires for every occasion. In our workshop, we offer a friendly and professional service to our customers.

Our designers create unconventional and extraordinary clothing. While the latest trends in fashion are always an inspiration for our creative process, DEVU distinguishes itself by having its own distinctive style. Our vision is to manufacture timeless and versatile pieces of garment. Thanks to our exceptional methods of work, and great attention put into creating tasteful and tailor-made attires, it is guaranteed that our clothes are always perfectly fitted, and emphasize our customers’ beauty. Feel free to present your own ideas regarding your vision of a perfect dress – share them with us! Together, we can make it happen… We will design and create the perfect dress, using - your personal drafts, outlines, and ideas – our tips and suggestions – and drawing from the latest trends from the fashion world. Send us an e-mail at devu_suknie@devu.com.pl

Have you always dreamed of an extraordinary and one of a kind outfit? Are you fed up with the types of clothing offered you by chain stores?  Wait no longer, and try the “Individual Project” service offered by our company! Now, in order to create a fully-customized dress of your dreams, we invite you to work together with our team of professional tailors at DEVU.

The limitless creativity of our fashion designers, and the amount of dedication they put into their work, makes our offer as exceptional as it can get. Furthermore, there are a number of occasions you can present yourself in one of our unique dresses, such as family celebrations (e.g. weddings), or more formal events, like banquets or office parties. Even such occasions as going to the theatre, or casual Saturday meetings, require an adequate look, and an eye-catching attire. Everyone dreams of showing their best side, either in a stunning dress, or in a tidy and elegant business attire. The way a person dresses says a lot about their personality; therefore, our offer is directed at all those women who appreciate the value of customized attires. Recently, in order to satisfy the growing demands of many female customers, tailoring services have made a triumphant comeback. The recent popularity of tailor-made attires is not surprising at all, as many of us had experienced frustration over many hours wasted in shopping centers, looking for a well fitting dress. However, even the best designs offered by chain shops won’t cut it, because they are not fitted exactly for YOU. This is why we invite you to use our unique service - a fashion consultation during which you can craft your own style, which is every woman’s dream. WE are here to turn your dream into reality. We also suggest you look into our fixed offer of tailor-made dresses at: www.devu.com.pl

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