Conditions of Use

1. By making a purchase in our Online Shop, you accept the Terms and Conditions.

2. The Customer places an order on the service of sewing a chosen product.

3. Before making a purchase, please read the “How to buy?” section.

4. Orders can be placed either by ALLEGRO ( or the DEVU company website (

5. Prices presented on our website are given on the gross price (VAT) and do not include shipping costs.

6. Please think before buying, and remember to provide us with correct measurements. Incorrectly placed orders are not subject to complaint.

7. After placing an order, the Customer receives an email with the number of his order and details needed to make the payment.

8. After receiving the email, you have 24 hours to make the payment. If 72 hours pass and we still won’t receive your payment, the order will be considered invalid, and will not be executed.

9. The Customer must include shipping costs in the total sum of the payment: POLISH POST – 15 ZL / COURIER SERVICE – 35 ZL.

10. Standard order execution time is 14 working days, counting from the day of receiving the payment.

11. It is possible to modify the design of an ordered product. All changes must be consulted via phone, and confirmed via email at: Longer order lead time, and higher costs must be consulted and accepted by the Customer.

12. We ship our products by POLISH POST or a COURIER SERVICE.

13. Each shipping is made with an acknowledgment of receipt. We are not responsible for packages lost by the Polish Post.

14. According to the Consumer Protection Law of 2 March 2002, Dz.U.00.22.271 – a customer, who buys a product outside the confines of a retail facility (e.g. through an online shop), is able to cancel his purchase without giving a reason within 10 days, counting from the day of receiving the product. However, given the fact that all of our products are made to measure, it is impossible to return the purchased product.

15. If the received product’s measurements are different from the measurements specified by the customer during the ordering process, the customer is allowed to demand alterations. The customer must then send the product back, and after the required alterations are done by our tailor, the product will be sent to the customer again.

16. Customers personal data are protected and are not shared with third parties.

17. Any matters not regulated in hereby regulation, are subject to the regulations of the Civil Code, Customer Protection Law of 2.03.2002.

18. We do not accept COD (Cash On Delivery) packages.

19. DEVU reserves the right to change hereby regulation without earlier notice.

20. According the law on copyright protection, all designs, products, their photos, and descriptions are our property. Copying our designs, or using our photos and descriptions without our permission is strictly prohibited.